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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogger Bosom Buddies (or the B3s)

I recently joined up with three other bloggers who are interested in promoting their businesses and books, just like I am.  We ended up calling ourselves the "Blogger Bosom Buddies," or as I like to refer to us "The B3s."  

Below is information on their blogs, books and businesses.  I'd love for you to support their efforts and share their blogs, books, and anything else about them with others who have a like-minded interest.    

Yvette Francino: "Lessons of Love from a Laptop Dancer

Yvette's blog has been geared toward love, but mostly for singles / dating. Her next project is "The Love Project" which will have weekly exercises designed at giving and receiving love (starting with love of self).  The hope from this project is to write another book, similar to "The Happiness Project."

Rebecca Mullen:  "Altered Spaces"

Rebecca's blog is about community and noticing joy in ordinary things or creating "altered spaces." Currently Rebecca is in a Susan Beck coaching program and is looking at growing her coaching business through the use of her blog. 

Shirley Rivera: "Girl nutkin in the BA"

Shirley has been using her blog as a way of connecting and getting inspired by others who think alike. In the past she had done a lot of brainstorming via email with friends and is now sharing via her blog.  She describes her blog as "random yippity-yap stories & ponderings & discoveries." 


  1. thank you SO(!!!) much! i love that you have done this.

  2. Yes, Kay! Thanks for the plug for the Love Project!

  3. PS.. Interestingly, the "word verification" letters I got where "cougr"... Hmmm... Does the blogosphere consider me a cougar? Something to think about! ;-)

  4. Hi Kay. Thanks for announcing our affiliation. Just for clarification, my teacher is Dr. Martha Beck.


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