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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Animals and Medical Emergencies

I have a soft spot for my four-legged companions, which is shown by having two dogs and five cats.  We started out with just two dogs and two cats, but we fostered kittens and their mothers from a local humane society and ended up keeping two of the mothers and one kitten.  (We are looking for good homes for two of our adult cats, btw...)

Having so many pets is a little tricky should a medical emergency come up in my life.  Who will take care of them should I should die unexpectedly?  Who will make sure that they all find safe and happy homes?  

I designed a worksheet for all of us to help caretakers know what to do regarding our animals should a medical emergency occur. For me, a good friend of mine will step in and find safe homes for all of them, which is no easy task!  This worksheet is located at the back of my workbook, "Planning, Preparing and Peace" and I would love it if you would complete it to ensure the safety and well-being of your animals. 

Too many well loved animals end up at a local animal shelter, scared and alone when medical emergencies occur  This doesn't need to happen with a little planning on your part.

Now go give your best friend a big hug and tell them you will always take care of them. And then complete the Animals worksheet located at the back of my workbook. 

My best to all during this holiday season!