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Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Peace, even with planning...

Last week, a neighbor of mine and her 9 year old daughter were found in their garage with carbon monoxide fumes from their car still lingering although it had been close to 24 hours since their passing.  We'll never know exactly what happened. During the last few days, someone, most likely a family member, has been at the house, clearing it out and probably trying to figure out what to do with such a tragic ending. 

Normally, I would extend my heartfelt condolences, but this one hit my heart hard and all I can do is quickly drive into my garage, face down, rather than look into the face of the person left behind to clean up.There can be no peace with this ending, even if there had been planning.

I have kissed my girls more than usual these last few days and I am more patient and laugh at all their jokes.  I wonder how long this sadness will linger.  I feel for a long time as I see their house every time I drive into my garage.

Give your kids an extra kiss and hug tonight.  Don't explain why...just do it.

May we all find peace, even in tragic times.