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Saturday, November 13, 2010

On-Line Legal Forms for Wills, Medical Declarations and Trusts

When I first thought of creating a blog for my 9-Step program, I learned that I could add advertising and maybe earn a little money from this.  So I eagerly set up advertising areas on my blog and within 10 minutes, I had advertisers on my blog!  It was extremely easy!

Only problem with this is now I had on-line legal firms (and crematory companies!) advertising on my blog that I had no idea who they were or how reputable they were.  When you read my book, Planning, Preparing and Peace, Creating and Compiling Your Will and Other Essential Documents with Kay Diller, you'll see that I do not recommend using on-line, unknown legal firms to write your legal documents because you never really know what you are working with. This is too important an area in our lives to save a few dollars with these on-line, unknown legal firms. 

I believe that we need to deal with estate lawyers that we have researched and have first-hand knowledge about.  When you deal with reputable lawyers, yes, you will pay a little more money, but when it's time for these important legal documents to help you, they will work!  

Don't mess around with on-line legal your homework and hire one that works hard and smart for you.  You'll always be glad you did.

BTW, any advertisers that may show up on my site are companies and legal firms that I have personal information on and wholeheartedly approve of.  If you know of estate lawyers, insurance agents/brokers, or other people who can help during a medical emergency, let me know and I will do my research and will happily post their advertisements on my blog.

Until next time,