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Friday, December 31, 2010

An unexpected surgery!

A few months back, I had an unexpected surgery.  Nothing too serious, but scary for me, nevertheless!  I was in the hospital for only 5 hours and then back home in my nice comfortable bed in no time at all.  My best friend, Nana, took great care of me for the next few days while I slept and rested.  My children were entertained by their Godmother, Nina, and their cousin, Tricee.  We were very well taken care of! 

The best news from this unexpected surgery is that I got to test out my program first handed! 

Before the surgery, I reviewed my binder, which was full of my completed worksheets and important legal documents, which took all of 10 minutes (including updating a few items).  Then I showed Nana where my Peace Binder was and went over what she was to do should something unspeakable happen during the surgery.  That was it! 

I let go of worrying about my bills getting paid on time should my recovery take longer than anticipated, along with letting go of worrying about my medical wishes being followed should an artery get accidentally sliced open during the surgery and I unknowingly bleed internally (yes, that's what goes through my mind before surgery!  How about you?).  I allowed myself the indulgence of focusing on getting myself well fast, because, as you can imagine, being a single mom takes up all of my energy and attention on most days. 

I was able to let go because of my Peace Binder and my helpers knowing what to do should something unexpected happen during this unexpected surgery. My program really works! 

Once you get your Peace Binder set up and your caregivers educated on their roles, you, too, can let go and find peace when you have something happen, like an unexpected surgery.

Happy New Year!